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StevE Cappella

Steve Cappella is patent portfolio manager at IBM and has handled IBM’s semiconductor patent portfolio for many years.  Steve is also the gatekeeper for all of IBM’s patent sales.  Thus, he played a key role in IBM’s divestiture of its microelectronics manufacturing operation which involved the transfer of tens of thousands of patents.  

Steve has an BS/MS in Materials Engineering from Rensselaer and received his JD from Georgetown.  Prior to taking on the portfolio management function, Steve authored many joint development agreements including those that established IBM’s interactions with what is now SUNY Polytech in Albany.  

Prior to IBM, Steve was a patent attorney for many years at specialty chemical company W R Grace and for a brief time at the law firm Miller and Quinn.  Steve started his patent career as examiner at the USPTO where he achieved the position of primary examiner.  

Steve is a longtime ballroom dancer and currently sings baritone with the Ridgefield Chorale. Most recently, Steve has been engaging with stakeholders to drive improvements in IBM’s invention evaluation process.