"A New Era for IP Owners: Confronting the Penalties of Globalization"
April 25-27, 2018
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DAY ONE  - APRIL 25, 2018

Session 1:  Patent Protection's Swinging Pendulum in a Whole New World
Mark Lemley - Surprising Resilience of the Patent System

Session 2: The Global Reach of U.S. Patent Law
Neel Chatterjee - Global Reach of U.S. Patent Law

Session 3: Evolving Litigation and IPR Strategies
PTAB Trial Statistics
An Analysis of Multiple Petitions in AIA Trials

Session 4: The Role of the Judiciary in Modern Times in IP Law & Beyond
Hon. James Robart - The Future of SEPs and the Limits of Executive Powers

Session 5: Establishing Licensing Fees in a Whole New World: the Rise of Collective Licensing
Everybody Loses in the Wireless Patent Wars

Session 6: Developing an IP Strategy and Portfolio in a Global Marketplace
Developing a Global IP Strategy in the Changing Regulatory Environment

Session 7: Building a Lean Patent Portfolio - Trends & Data That You Hadn't Considered But Should
Building a Lean Patent Portfolio: Data & Trends That You Hadn't Considered But Should


Session 8: IP Counsel as Business Advisor: Balancing Risk and Opportunity

Session 9: Negotiating Indemnity
Negotiating Indemnity

DAY TWO - APRIL 26, 2018

Session 1:  Building Successful Legal Departments as a Company Grows Up
Bernie Knight - Reasons Why IP Lawyers Need Emotional Intelligence Skills
Bernie Knight - How to Motivate a Legal Team to Success
Bernie Knight - Tackling Unconscious Bias
Seth Weissman - Diverse Silicon Valley Attorneys Drive Innovation Through Emotional Intelligence
Seth Weissman - Reimagining Organizational Talent Management


Session 2: Open Source


Session 3: Litigation Trends - What Do Today's Lawsuits Look Like?

Session 4: Trends in Global High-Tech IP Litigation
Trends in Global High-Tech IP Litigation

Session 5: Trade Secrets: Monitoring for Theft and Best Practices for Ensuring You Have Protectable Trade Secrets
Bradley Hulbert - Trade Secrets Basics

Session 6: The Power of Licensing as a Tool to Move Your Business Forward


DAY 3 - APRIL 27, 2018
Breakfast Workshop:  Cross Border IP Transactions: Recognizing Export Control Issues in Inventorship, Open Source, and M&As

Cross Border IP Transactions

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